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Green and Alive

Grosser Garten Park

is the city’s most beautiful and largest park with an open-air theatre, lakes
and ponds, wide meadow expanses and of course restaurants and beer
gardens. Dresden’s oldest Baroque palace is nestled right in the middle of
park which is also home to the city’s zoo and Botanical Garden. The latest
addition to the park’s approximately two square kilometres is Volkswagen’s
Transparent Factory at Straßburger Platz. The park even has its own smallscale
rail line with uniformed conductor for visitor comfort and convenience.

Great Garden Park
Tel. +49 (0)351 4456600
Fax +49 (0)351 4456722

garden tours: €6/pers., concessions €3/pers.

Park railway
Tel. +49 (0)351 4456795
Fax +49 (0)351 4456799

May–Oct | Tue–Sun 10am–6pm
ticket €4 | concessions €2

Zoological Garden

A major magnet for young and old, home to 2,000 animals of roughly
300 different species. Among the special attractions here are the
African House with its elephants, baboons and tropical birds, the natural
savannah habitat of the lions and caracals, the giraffe and zebra
compound as well as the Prof. Brandes-Haus for tropical animals.

Tiergartenstraße 1 | 01219 Dresden
Tel. +49 351 478060
Fax +49 351 4780660

Summer 8:30am–6:30 pm
Winter 8:30am–4:30 pm

admission €10 | Mon €8 (exept holydays) | concessions €7.50
Groups 10+ pers. €9/pers.
children €2/pers.
Guided tours by prior appointment

Botanical Garden

Representing all the earth’s climatic zones, close to 10,000 different
types of plants from the most diverse geographical regions grow inside
the Botanical Garden. Three greenhouses give visitors a peek into the
flora of tropical and subtropical regions.

Stübelallee 2 | 01307 Dresden
Tel. +49 (0)351 4593185
Fax +49 (0)351 4403798

Apr–Sep 8am–6pm
hothouses from 10am
Nov, Feb 10am–4pm
Oct, Mar 10am–5pm
Jan, Dec 10am–3:30 pm

Free admission
donatations requested

Pillnitz Palace and Park

The former summer residence of the Saxon royal court is an extraordinary
ensemble of architecture and landscape gardening set amidst the
picturesque banks of the Elbe River. Influenced by East Asian design,
this spectacular water and mountain palace was built in the early
18th century. One of the main attractions of today’s expanded park,
uniting the strict forms of baroque with English landscape gardening,
is a camellia tree now more than 200 years old. The palace today
houses the Museum of Decorative Arts and the New Palais Museum.

Pillnitz Park
Tel. +49 351 2613260
Fax +49 351 2613280

admission April-Oct. €2
(ticket is valid for the park and the plant houses)
groups 10+ pers. €1,50/pers
guided tours €3,50/pers

free for guided tour German €35
Foreign language €45
Guided tours by prior appointment

Pillnitz vineyard

The sunny slopes around Pillnitz provide the perfect conditions to ripen
grapes destined for the exquisite dry Elbe valley wines. This site is
also the location of the vineyard church built by Zwinger master builder
Pöppelmann. The path winding above the vineyard walls offers spectacular
views of the Elbe valley as do other well-marked paths through
this scenic area. Also highly recommended are the Carl Maria von
Weber Museum and the Richard Wagner Museum located in the idyllic
summer retreats of the two composers.

Saxon Steamship Company

Churning between Seußlitz outside of Meißen and Bad Schandau in
the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the paddle steamers of the Saxon
Steamship Company travel through one of the prettiest riverscapes in
all of Europe. The fleet comprises nine historical paddle steamers, all
between 80 and 130 years old, two salon ships and two smaller motor
cruisers. Tours include discovery excursions into Saxon Switzerland
and along the Saxon Wine Route, castle cruises to Pillnitz Palace, city
cruises, jazz and Dixieland cruises as well as summer evening dance
cruises. All cruises depart from Terrassenufer.

Hertha-Lindner-Straße 10 | 01067 Dresden
Tel. +49 (0)351 866090
Fax +49 (0)351 8660988
timetable enquiries Tel. +49 (0)351 8660940

Heide Forest

Ideally situated for extended cycling and hiking excursions, the Heide
Forest is located in Dresden’s northeast corner. Numerous well-marked
paths lead through this 50 square kilometre forested area. The city’s
regular bus and tram lines provide easy access to and from the area.

Elbe Cycle Route

The broad meadows along the Elbe extend all the way into the heart of
the city. Once summer rolls around, the meadows become favourite
spots for evening grillfests. The Elbe Cycle Route, one of Europe’s most
charming and diversified cycling routes, hugs the river for most of its
860 kilometres and is popular amongst cyclists as well as inline skaters.
Numerous beer gardens, wine tasting locales and excursion restaurants
dot the area to quench your thirst. The Elbe leads upstream to the
Czech border and flows downstream to Meißen. You can also return to
Dresden or continue on further with the regional S-Bahn rail system
operating at regular intervals between Schöna and Meißen nearly
parallel to the cycle route.

Bicycle rentals
Radsport Päperer
Mon–Fri 9am–7pm | Sat 9am–1pm
Veilchenweg 2 | Dresden-Loschwitz
Tel. +49 351 2641240

Dresden Skatepark

The skate park on Lingnerallee provides challenges for novices and profs
alike. There’s a separate beginners area featuring mounds and banks,
slalom courses, green spaces and rest areas. Advanced skaters, skateboarders
and BMX riders can shred in their own 5,000 m² area filled with
flat quarter pipes, a wallride, long banks, handrails, curbs and stairs



Enjoy a fun ride of the most unusual kind – by Segway! Different obstacles,
uphill and downhill sections, tight curves and low hills are all designed
to improve your skills. Full selection of quads for our littlest visitors.

Leipziger Straße 27 | 01097 Dresden
Tel. +49 (0)351 7957699

Segway Tour Dresden

City tours with professional guides through Dresden on a segway.

Reitbahnstr. 35 | 01069 Dresden
Tel. +49 351 4867101

Night skating

Every Friday evening at 9:00 pm from April to October, app roximately
3,000 skaters take to the streets on a 15 to 20 km tour through Dresden.
Varying routes ensure a welcome variety. Start/Finish: Lingnerallee
Half Pipe.

Dresden-Bühlau Forest Rope Park

Adventurous aerial ropeways suspended more than 20 meters in the
air and up to 130 meters long, 8 different obstacle rope courses with
70 elements near ground level and overhead – the ultimate place to
test your courage and skill.

Grundstraße 169 and Bachmannstraße 6 | 01324 Dresden
Tel. +49 351 1601898

Dresdner-Heide forest rope adventures

Traverse the trees via net bridges, swinging planks and Tarzan-inspired
ropes in four Parcours obstacle courses featuring more than 60
Nesselgrundweg 80 | 01109 Dresden
Tel. +49 (0)351 7958709

Moritzburg Adventure Park

An entire world of adventures like never before awaits you at the Forest
Tightrope Garden inside the Moritzburg Wildlife Preserve.

Radeburger Straße 2 | 01468 Moritzburg
Tel. +49 351 21359793

XXL Recreation in Dresden

Bowling, squash, badminton, Spinning, fitness, aerobic, table tennis,
multifunctional fields for soccerl, handball, volleyball plus Saxony's largest climbing wall.

Breitscheidstr. 40 | 01237 Dresden
tel.: +49 (0)351 254580


Georg-Arnhold-Bad Indoor and outdoor pools

Solar-heated pool with six swimming lanes, year-round pool with whirl
stream, 86 meter long tube slide, whirlpool.

Hauptallee 2 | 01069 Dresden (at the Grosser Garten Park)
Tel. +49 351 4942203

‘Elbamare’ Water Park

Swimmers’ pool, adventure pool with water jets, geysers, circular lazy
river channel and water cannon, outdoor pool with bubble jets and
Jacuzzi lounger pools, children's area with giant slide, sauna area.

Wölfnitzer Ring 65 | 01169 Dresden
Tel. +49 (0)351 410090

Manmade Lake Cossebaude

The city’s largest outdoor pool set against the backdrop of the old
hydroelectric power station, non-swimmer lounge pool, wading pool,
86 meter long slide, 3 volleyball courts, table tennis.

Meißner Straße 26 | 01462 Dresden-Niederwartha
Tel. +49 (0)351 4537555

Boat trips and rentals

Speed boats, kayaks and canoes
Tel. +49 (0)351 417242440 | Fax +49 (0)351 41742449

Boat club „Am Blauen Wunder“ e.V.
Dragon boats
Tel. +49 (0)351 2655709 | Fax +49 (0)351 2682598

Canoeing Club Dresden
Tel. | Fax +49 (0)351 3108919



Elbflorenz golf course

Scenic setting on the southern outskirts of Dresden with all the
challenges modern golf has to offer.

Ferdinand-von-Schill-Straße 4a | 01728 Bannewitz
Tel. +49 35206 2430

Ullersdorf golf course

Set at the edge of the Dresden Forest on rolling hills with water hazards
and natural streams.

Am Golfplatz 1 | 01454 Ullersdorf
Tel. +49 (0)3528 48060

Horse racetrack

Dresdner Rennverein e.V. | Oskar-Röder-Straße 1 | Dresden-Seidnitz
Tel. +49 (0)351 211040

Hot air balloon trips

For 3–12 people, flights last approx. 3 hours.

Ballon-Sport & Luftwerbung Dresden GmbH
Tel. +49 (0)351 47965250

Sightseeing flights

Takeoff and landing: Riesa Airport

Dresdner Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH
Tel. +49 961 4818888

Sports facilities

EnergieVerbund Arena
Ice rink and arena, Home arena of the Dresden Eislöwen hockey team
Magdeburger Straße 10 | 01067 Dresden
Tel. +49 351 4885212

Margon Arena
Home stadium of the DSC 1898 national women’s volleyball league
Bodenbacher Straße 154 | 01277 Dresden
Tel.+49 351 2123830

Glücksgas Stadium
Home stadium of the Dynamo Dresden soccer team
Lennéstraße | am Großen Garten

Heinz Steyer Stadium
in the Ostragehege sports complex
Pieschener Allee 1 | 01067 Dresden