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Relaxation and Leisure Time

Once the city’s culture has been sampled, Dresden offers countless other recreational activities including world-class shopping. The city’s Shopping Mile begins right at the main railway station and stretches all the way into Neustadt. Meanwhile, Dresden’s club and party scene always heats up in the evening with an inexhaustible selection of trendy addresses. We also have great tips for those interested in more athletic pursuits or other special interest groups.
Comprising 64 percent forest and green areas, Dresden is considered one of Europe’s greenest cities. The 50 square kilometres of Dresden’s large verdant area called the Heide Forest, its numerous gardens and parks, area vineyards and the wide meadows hugging the banks of the Elbe create a unique harmony of city and landscape. The 860 km long Elbe Cycle Route meanders right alongside the river, one of the most captivating and varied cycling routes throughout Europe.