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The Saxon Wine Route

The Saxon Wine Route follows the Elbe from Pirna to Diesbar-Seußlitz through picturesque countryside with romantic little wine-growing villages, magnificent palaces and beautiful parkland. The Elbe Cycle
Route also runs parallel to the Saxon Wine Route between the river and the vineyards. The river steamer offers magnificent views of the vine-covered terraces.
Grapes for the delicious local wine have been ripening on the southern slopes of the upper Elbe valley for 850 years. Stop off and try a glass. Whether at a vineyard, a cellar or a seasonal wine tavern (Straußwirtschaft), you will receive a warm welcome everywhere. On the last weekend in August, the vineyards hold open days with tastings, guided tours and many other attractions. The annual festivities start in early summer with the Vine Blossom Festival (Weinblütenfest) at Schloss Proschwitz near Meißen, which is dedicated to wine, followed by an open air live music festival (Parkschoppenfest) at Schloss Wackerbarth in Radebeul. At the end of June, celebrations are held in Dresden on the Loschwitzer Elbhang. The finale of the many autumnal wine festivals is marked by the two largest events held in Radebeul and Meißen on the last weekend in September.
Along the right-hand bank of the Elbe runs the Saxon Wine Route, sometimes directly along the bank of the Elbe, but mostly half way up the hillside, with beautiful views of the Elbe valley. Divided into six
sections of between 15 and 18 kilometres each, you can explore on foot the Elbe countryside and the numerous places of interest between Pirna and Diesbar-Seußlitz. Of course, you will have to stop for a break every now and then in one of the vineyards or wine taverns on the way.